Interest Rates

We love saving you money!

Below is just a small sample of the leading interest options we can offer through our extensive lender panel. Like the look of these? We have hundreds more! Talk to us today to find the right home loan for you.

  • Lender A


    Basic Home Loan

    App Fee: $363

  • Annual fees: 0$
  • 4.34% CCR
  • Lender B


    3 year fixed rate

    App Fee: $600

  • Annual fees: $96
  • 5.06% CCR
  • Lender C


    ‘Professional Pack’

    App Fee: $0

  • Annual Fees: $395
  • 4.86% CCR
  • Lender D


    2 year fixed rate

    App Fee: $0

  • Annual Fees: $395
  • 5.12% CCR

Interest rates and fees are important when considering which home loan is right for you. However other factors such as borrower age, property location, and lender policy can be even more influential in determining which reverse mortgage bank or lender you will ultimately choose.

As a mortgage broker, our role is to:

  1. Educate and inform you with information
  2. Match you with the right bank or lender for your circumstances
  3. Do all the legwork for your loan application
  4. Get your loan approved

*CCR is the comparison rate that factors in other known mortgage loan costs such as application fees & monthly fees to arrive a ‘true’ interest rate.